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We Believe

We believe people are more than consumers.

For more than 25 years we have been talking to 500 million people across Europe. We have been observing them, learning from them. We’ve seen them evolve: getting more and more involved in the conversation; sharing their opinions, hopes, desires and needs. Today - digitally empowered - they are active members of communities, interconnected and impacting our constantly changing world. When they choose to join a cause, support a policy, or buy a product, most of them seek more than just self-interest.

In a word, they are citizens.

We believe a brand should be more than a brand.

People don’t want to be told what to do, think, or buy. They want to be informed, enlightened and engaged by meaningful messages.

As citizens, people want to be inspired by organisations and brands that also see themselves as citizens, and act accordingly.

Call us ambitious, but we want our messages to help people make good decisions. So, we aim to weave solid information, integrity and honesty into everything we do with and for our clients. As citizens ourselves, it’s simply how we’d like things to be.

We’re not afraid of tricky briefings and we’re used to sensitive issues. Using creative thinking and a digital mindset are our methods to communicate about complex topics and make them accessible – sometimes even in 30 languages and across countries around the world.